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Nickel Bronze

En tidigare oupptäckt klarhet, resonans och projektion,
ihop med enastående balans och fylliga övertoner.
Nu kan du verkligen upptäcka den naturliga karaktären i din gitarr.

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“It was like playing well broken in strings almost immediately after stringing them. The tone is warm and crisp. Love these!”

— Kevin H., IL —

“These strings improve every characteristic I love about the guitar, especially projection. My guitar is noticeably louder. ”

— James C. , CA —

“Sound is good...full and focused and very well balanced with good sustain.”

— Rob V. , IN —

“Beautiful balanced tone that has aged very well and projects when flat-picked”

— Michael C., KS —

“I lost concentration many times while playing because I found myself listening to the sound. The guitar seemed to have more projection and clarity.”

— Mitchell F., CA —

“These strings produced an OMG ongoing experience every time I play. These strings have incredible clarity. They have increased power and projection over other strings. They have superior ringing sustain. These strings are quite simply the best strings I have ever put on a guitar.”

— Jeff G., VA —

“Expanded tonal range from these strings, with clearer highs and a tightening of the bass notes.”

— Raymond R., CA —

“Very enjoyable balance of tone. They don't sound like the same old traditional acoustic strings”

— John D. , USA —

“A well-balanced, but bright output.”

— Steven W. , NE —

“Once tuned to pitch, I experienced no continual initial stretching which I typically experience.”

— Stan E. , IA —
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Phosphor Bronze
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Nickel Bronze
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Collings /
framförd av
Andy Falco
Fender /
Larrivee /
Seagull /
Mini Jumbo
Takamine /
  • Collings / D1A
  • Fender / CD-60
  • Larrivee / D-03BW
  • Seagull / Mini Jumbo
  • Takamine / Ef360c‎
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“These strings sound warm and clear and even across all 6 strings.”

— Scott E. , CA —

“They do seem to sustain forever!”

— Jim D., OH —

“I love the sound and feel. They play smoothly and stay in tune nicely after a short break in period.”

— Chris R., CA —

“Harmonics ring out and resonate longer.”

— Jim B., PA —

“The strings ring more than any other strings I've had, I could strum the guitar and leave the room and when I come back they are still ringing!”

— Clay H., KS —

“Better than anything I've played on an acoustic guitar.”

— Darryl M. , KS —

“Very rich and they ring out much better than my other strings.”

— Mark J. , KS —

“You have a winner here. These really brought my guitar to life. I would recommend them highly.”

— David Z. , MD —

“ The tone was different in that I could hear more ringing overtones that sounded great. The strings have a chiming quality that I really like.”

— Raymond P., FL —

“The sound was very robust. More responsive to touch.”

— Mickey T. , IL —
Akustiska egenskaper
Nickel Bronze förstärker mellanregistret och diskanten för bättre klarhet, närhet och fylligare övertoner utan att kompromissa med värmen i basregistret.
NY Steel är en egen kolstål-legering utvecklad av D’Addario för att specifikt användas till strängar för musikinstrument. Framtagen för att ge bättre stämningsstabilitet – m.a.o. en sträng av NY Steel innebär att gitarrister kan lägga mindre tid på att stämma och mer tid på att spela.
D'Addario NB1047 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Extra Light, 10-47
NB1047, Extra Light, 10-47
D'Addario NB1152 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Custom Light, 11-52
NB1152, Custom Light, 11-52
D'Addario NB1253 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light, 12-53
NB1253, Light, 12-53
D'Addario NB1256 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light Top / Med Bottom, 12-56
NB1256, LT Top / Med Bottom, 12-56
D'Addario NB1356 Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Medium, 13-56
NB1356, Medium, 13-56